Dredging Solutions

Geodesea Ltd are the UK re-seller for CT Systems Viking dredging software & hardware solutions.

Viking is an easy to use high precision positioning and navigation software system. It is available in several versions to meet the demands of every sector as efficiently as possible. Viking can be used on a large variety of vessels, ranging from small tug boats to large and complex hopper dredger vessels.


GeoDredge is an all-in-one and highly ruggedized dredging system. It features all components inside a single and solid housing. GeoDredge is powered by our proven Viking Dredge software and a GNSS RTK receiver. An internal UHF transceiver and a GSM/GPRS/UMTS modem provides access to RTK corrections and enable remote customer support via the internet.

Areas of use

GeoDredge is designed as a compact all-in-one product for the following dredging machines:

· Cutter Suction Dredgers

· Grab Dredgers

· Excavators


· Industrial Intel Computer

· Solid State Drive

· Internal GNSS GPS/GLONASS RTK receiver

· Industrial GSM/GPRS/UMTS Modem

· CAN Sensor Interface

· IP67 9-30 VDC Power Input

· IP67 USB & Serial Connections

· IP67 Ethernet Connection

· Optional Internal Satel or Arwest UHF Transceiver

· Optional Internal GNSS GPS Compass

· Wide range of accessories and sensors available

· Dimensions 40 x 23 x 11 cm

Viking Dredge

Viking Dredge is a specialized version of Viking Navigation, it introduces added functionality such as 3D DTM dredging area support and suction pipe/dredging tool interfacing. Viking Dredge can be used on virtually any type of dredger, be it a large trailing suction hopper dredger, a small cutter dredger or an hydraulic excavator.

Viking Dredge can operate as a standalone solution, directly connected to a DGPS receiver and a multitude of dredging sensors. In addition, it is also possible to connect the Viking Dredge Pro version to a STPM installation thereby offering a fully featured dredging system.

PicoSonar Integration Manual

· 3D DTM Matrix Support

· Advanced graphical Ship Design

· DXF Support

· Local chart projection support

· Multiple suction tube sections

· Navionics worldwide chart database

· Viking Modules expansion interface

· Virtually unlimited DTM matrix size

· Worldwide chart datum support

· XYZ Data import/export

Viking Offshore

The Viking Offshore software package is a specialized version of our regular Navigation package for Offshore usage, with improved redundancy and backup features.

It is capable of instant switching to a secondary systems in case of failure or loss of quality.

Viking Offshore also includes all the specialized Viking modules for Offshore operations.

· Automatic switching to a backup GNSS Receiver

· Real-time backup to a secondary Viking system

· Anchoring/Tug Management Module

· Distance Warning/Windmill Module

· Show acoustic underwater positions

· Advanced graphical Ship Designer

· Built in vector chart editor

· DXF/CSV/XYZ/TIN Import support

· Navionics chart database interface

· Night-, dusk-, and sun display modes

· Print to any printer on A4 to A0 paper size

· Worldwide chart datum support

For more in-depth information, please visit www.ctsystems.eu

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