Geodesea Ltd are able to provide qualified & capable hydrographic survey personnel (IHO/FIG/ICA accredited CatA) for the following positions:

Client Representative

Party Chief

Online Surveyor

Data Processor

Hydrographic Survey Training

For many different types of offshore, coastal & inshore survey, including:

SOLAS Hydrographic Surveys

Rig Moves

Pipeline Route Surveys

Debris Clearance Surveys

As-Built Surveys

Anchor Handling / Barge Management Surveys

2D/3D Seismic Surveys

Quay Wall Inspection Surveys

Port & Harbour Surveys

Dredge Support Surveys & Volume Calculation

Habitat Mapping Surveys

UXO Surveys


  • Specialists in remote data processing, our clients outsource their data processing, cleaning and QC requirements to us - saving on the travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses usually incurred with the use of short term specialist contractors.

  • Geodesea Ltd Hydrographic Surveyors are proficient in using third party survey acquisition and processing software which may be outsourced in order to provide the most suitable software for a specific application.

  • The advent of unmanned and autonomous data acquisition platforms, our clients can concentrate on having specialist remote data processing professionals ashore for a fast and efficient data turnaround.

  • Using powerful processing PCs, secure data transfer procedures and cloud technology, our data processors are able to be located anywhere in the world.

  • Development of in-house utility programs to suit both our own and/or our clients needs/requirements.

  • Hypack/Hysweep and Beamworx AutoClean/AutoPatch software dongles can be hired from Geodesea Ltd on a project/day rate basis.

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