UAV Surveys

What sets Geodesea Ltd apart from many other UAV operators is that we are surveyors using drones, not drone users playing with surveying. All of our surveyors are qualified, indemnified and able to sign off survey works where many other UAV operators may not. 


Geodesea Ltd uses advanced UAV data collection methods and photogrammetric software to create digital terrain models, and then hydrographic software packages to produce high resolution point cloud data sets which can be edited and classified according to clients' requirements.

Recent case studies have proven our works to be well within IHO Special Order Specification for both accuracy and feature detection criteria.

We are specialists in the integration of terrestrial (Laser), airborne (UAV photogrammetry) & marine (Sonar) derived point clouds to produce one seamless dataset above and below the waterline. 

Accurate volumetric computations can be made above/below a stated datum, client supplied CAD design model and/or a previous survey of the same area of interest.


.Geodesea  Ltd are able to produce highly accurate topographic survey plans, 3D models and CAD/GIS deliverables according to client specification. 

Our surveyors are trained geomatic engineers capable of Ground Control Point (GCP) installation via accurate RTK GPS survey in order to verify all of our RTK enabled UAV photogrammetry  outputs. 

Data can be output in whatever reference frame/datum that the client requires.

ALL survey outputs are statistically analysed prior to delivery to provide the end user with a clear picture of the final accuracy & reputability of the data in order to assure the it is fit-for-purpose.

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